Karen Bovenmyer

Karen Bovenmyer is an author who also trains future professors for Iowa State University. On the side, because she "loves it more than air," she teaches novel writing and speculative fiction classes.

Her dark fantasy and scifi horror stories and poems have appeared in Erin Underwood's Pop Fic Review, Paul Genesse's The Crimson Pact series (volumes 3 & 5), Bonnie Stufflebeam's Art & Words Show, Stonecoast Review, The Red Rose Review, Devilfish Review, ZingaraPoet, Festival Writer, and Crossed Genres Magazine. She graduated from the Stonecoast MFA program in July 2013.

Karen regularly attends GenCon Game Fair, World Science Fiction, and World Fantasy conventions and loves to meet people. If you see an uncommonly tall, boisterous extrovert in the front row of a session at one of these conferences, say hi and ask her if she wants to play Telephone Pictionary with you. Also, look her up on Facebook to see her epic fail at frosting Star Wars cookies...